ming dynasty vaseObject types           : Meiping
Materials                 : Porcelain
Techniques             : Glazed
Production place : Made in Jingdezhen (Asia, China, Jiangxi (province), Jingdezhen)
Date                         : 1426 ~1435
Period/Culture   : Xuande (mark and period) (1426 ~1435), Ming dynasty (1368-1644)

Large porcelain meiping vase with underglaze cobalt blue decoration.

It Has a narrow base, a ancient jarwide body, a short narrow neck with a flaring mouth, thickened rim and small opening. inside which the unglazed base is recessed. The collar of vase encircled by a band of blossom lotus ornament in double line frames. Fullfilled with the waves and splashing water, Painted by hand painting in dark cobalt blue. In the center of jar shows a sinuous, five-clawed white dragon carved around the body. Below is a border of wide lappets with ‘ruyi-style’ heads and above the identical border is inverted. A horizontal six-character Xuande reign mark is written from right to left above the dragon’s claw.

Inscription Type               : reign mark
Inscription Position          : body (above the dragon’s claw)
Inscription Language       : Chinese
Inscription Content          : 大明宣德年製
Inscription Transliteration     : Da Ming Xuande nian zhi
Inscription Translation     : Made during the Xuande reign of the Great Ming dynasty
Inscription Comment      : Horizontal six-character Xuande reign mark written from right to left.

dragon jarDimensions
Height: 48 centimetres
Shoulder Diametres: 30 centimetres
Neck diametres : 5 centimetres
Base diametres : 15 centimetres

click here to see another picture of this ancient chinese

if you’re interested with this ancient jar, don’t hesitate to call us here

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